Our mission is to transform the climate crisis narrative into an emotional journey. We capture the stories of primarily young individuals, delving into their life experiences, pivotal moments, emotions surrounding various facets of climate change, dreams, fears, and contemplations about their future.

The Documentary

Through a two year-long journey in a solar-powered electric van, we will create short video portraits of primarily young people from diverse backgrounds we meet along the way, listening to and capturing their stories, their hopes, fears and aspirations for the future.

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The Solar Electric VAN

Using a unique solar-powered electric van, the team will travel to regions that will be most affected by the climate crisis and to collect these stories.

This multifunctional vehicle will not only serve as a mobile studio, it will be a functional office, workshop hub and a living space for our dedicated crew throughout this adventure.

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Building Awareness

Through a diverse range of workshop formats we offer along the way, participants are empowered to share their knowledge, collaborate, and collectively work towards solutions for the climate crisis, to gain new perspectives, develop skills, and contribute to the collective efforts in addressing the challenges of climate change.

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Your Support

We are passionate about creating a positive impact and bringing people together through our project. By supporting us, you are not only helping us realise our vision but you will also become a part of our community of change makers.

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