About the Project

The Power of Storytelling

We use the power of storytelling to inspire action on the climate crisis, by sharing the perspectives of young people from diverse backgrounds. The project’s goal is to raise awareness about the voices and experiences of these young people at this crucial time in history and to create a sense of community around the issue of climate change.

“Beings of Change”
The Documentary

Through a one to three year-long journey in a solar-powered electric van, we will create short video portraits of young people we meet along the way, capturing their hopes, fears, and aspirations for the future.

The Solar Electric Studio VAN

Using a unique solar powered electric studio van, the team will travel to regions that will be most affected by the climate crisis to conduct video interviews with young people.

It is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a central element of the project, combining functionality with symbolism to further the goals of raising awareness and inspiring action on climate change.


HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences

  • Mobile Studio:
    It functions as a mobile studio for conducting interviews and capturing content for the documentary.
  • Eco-Friendly Transport:
    As an electric vehicle with a large solar roof, it provides an eco-friendly mode of transportation, demonstrating the potential of sustainable mobility.
  • Awareness and Inspiration:
    The van acts as a visual symbol of clean energy and eco-conscious living, inspiring young people and communities to consider sustainable transportation options.
  • Gathering Climate Data:
    The van is equipped to gather climate-relevant data during the journey, providing valuable information for the project and raising awareness about environmental conditions.
  • Local Collaboration:
    It provides a platform for collaboration with local artists, musicians, and journalists, making it a versatile hub for creativity and content creation.
  • Home for the Crew:
    Additionally, the van serves as a comfortable living space for the project’s crew, ensuring they have a home on the road while pursuing their mission.
  • Publicity Magnet:
    The van’s unique design and eco-friendly features make it a publicity magnet, drawing attention to the project and its mission.
  • Workshop Support:
    The van also plays a crucial role in transporting equipment and props for the project’s workshops, including a 3D printer, cameras for the photography workshop, and other essential materials.

Enable Action & Building Awareness

Through a diverse range of workshops, Climathons and design thinking processes, participants are empowered to share their knowledge, collaborate, and collectively work towards solutions for the climate crisis.

Participants have the opportunity to gain new perspectives, develop skills, and contribute to the collective efforts in addressing the challenges of climate change.


In this intensive 24-hour event, participants collaborate, eat, brainstorm, and work as a collective to address local needs in the context of climate change. By sharing the ideas generated on the internet, we aim to make the results accessible to the global community.


Empowering citizens to take action against climate change.

From Expression to an Understanding of Climate Change

This workshop offers a safe space for participants to express their feelings and thoughts about climate change through artistic means, such as painting, drawing, and writing.


Berghof Foundation
The Berghof Foundation works around the world to create space for conflict transformation.

Climate Data Logger

Participants will learn to construct and program a climate data logger using a Raspberry Pi, capable of measuring and recording various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. All collected data will be shared with a broader network. The group will design and manufacture components of the project, such as the housing for the Raspberry Pi computer, using a mobile 3D printer that we will bring along in our solar-powered camper van.


Learning from the Extremes
A rural schools innovation roadmap

Innovating in Education for a Better Future

Bambu Lab
3D Printers

onshape 3D
3D Online-Collaboration Software


In just 3 hours, the collaborative Climate Fresk workshop will teach the fundamental science behind climate change and empower you to take action.


Climate Fresk

Climate Clicks: Capturing Environmental Change

This five-day photography workshop challenges participants to document environmental pollution in their immediate surroundings, bringing the impacts of climate change into focus. The resulting works will be exhibited both locally and online.



Mindfulness for Future

“Mindfulness for Future” creates a space where mindfulness and meditation foster personal growth, resilience, and environmental responsibility. The impact includes personal well-being, community building, and eco-consciousness, with outputs of participation in programs and events. The outcomes encompass an empowered, compassionate community actively addressing climate change.


Our project timeline is a visual representation of our commitment to making a lasting impact on the climate crisis. From the inception of our idea to the present moment, each milestone marks a significant achievement and a step closer towards our vision.

Impact Stages

Impact refers to the broader and long-term effects or changes that a project, program, or initiative aims to achieve. Output represents the immediate results and products generated by the activities, while outcome refers to the more intermediate or intermediate-term changes resulting from the outputs.

Specific breakdown of the potential impact, output, and outcome for Co-Creators, Stakeholders and distinct audience segments: Young People still attending school and Working Adults.

Simplified breakdown of the potential impact, output and outcome

Meet Our Team

Fridolin Schuster

Co-Founder, CEO, Project Development & Concept, Documentary
Entrepreneur, Photographer, Videographer, Graphic-/Layout Designer, Bodytherapist, Meditation Teacher

Dragana Balinovic

Project Development & Concept
Integral Business Coach and Art of Hosting Facilitator, Organisation Development

Dagmar Nolden

Co-Founder, Concept, Education
Senior Project Manager for the Programme Global Learning for Conflict Transformation

Nadja Köffler

Concept, Photography, Education
PhD in Philosophy

Rainer Bitschi

Concept, Technic, IT

Moritz Willburger

Concept, Technic, IT